Dodge Hellcat Drive

The Dodge Hellcat is one seriously street-wise car. It’s got head-turner throwback looks with thoroughly modern engineering brilliance under the hood. We’re talking an incredible 707bhp from a huge 6.2l V8 engine. Yep this is all-American motoring in the biggest and baddest style!

The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat (to give this beast its full name) is a bonafide muscle car. Big heavy wide low and mean it sounds like a bit of unwieldy gangster but actually the Hellcat has handling to match all that power. That’s because this is an SRT version. That’s SRT for Street & Racing Technology the high-performance arm of Chrysler who created this incredible car and they’ve done some rather nifty work to create the formidable Hellcat.

The car’s exterior give you massive clues about the performance of this Dodge. With extra air intakes and a more aggressive styling SRT has even made room for massive 20” alloys. Inside the cabin is roomy and it’s technically a four-seater family car but it’s really a fastback with a long bonnet low roof and proportionately small windows. Indeed some may say the rear windscreen only needs to be big enough to see what you’ve overtaken!

The 6.2l HEMI engine under the bonnet produces unbridled power. And it’s all beautifully harnessed by SRT. As the guys who run these Dodge track days say the Hellcat is ‘hugely overpowered’ so perhaps just as well you’ve got upgraded suspension and handling that gives you Street Sport and Track mode. Even so the tyre-smoking abilities of the Hellcat are pretty legendary in street racing circles.

We are offering three and six-mile adventures for you at the helm of the Hellcat. In the sea of dull car designs we are flooded with these days there’s no doubting the Dodge Hellcat totally stands out. It goes like a bat out hell looks bold and brash and makes all the right noises. Will you love SRT Hellcat as much as we do?

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