Dodge Viper Experience

Go all-American supercar on yourself with this Dodge Viper experience! If ever there was a car that epitomises the American ideal that bigger is better the Dodge Viper SRT is it. This is your chance to drive a rarely-seen-in-this-country last generation Dodge Viper VX SRT. Prepare to be blown away by this charger of a car.

So back to the ‘bigger is better’ idea. Just take a look at this Viper. The bonnet (sorry hood) is gigantesque. The styling is about as bold as it can get. And all those louvres and air intakes? They’re to increase down force and decrease front lift which might give you a hint as to what this car is like to drive out on the airfield track.

The Dodge Viper SRT is powered by a ‘ludicrous’ (that’s how this Dodge Viper driving experience supplier describes it!) 8.4l V10 all-aluminium engine. Eight-point-four litres? That’s right. Utterly ridiculous in this day and age and powerful enough to get a truck fully loaded with corn dogs and soda to break the sound barrier so imagine what it’s like in this Dodge.

There’s reverb and vibration galore inside the cockpit of this Viper as if you needed reminding that you where basically sitting just down from a 8.4l V10. You’ve got over 640bhp at your disposition and a 0-62mph time just touching three seconds. No wonder this car comes with Sabelt racing seats as standard. And as for the handling? Well when you think the SRT bit stands for ‘Street and Race Technology’ you’ll see this rear wheel drive monster has that classic drag racing style to it.

Despite all the pretty amazing credentials the VX generation of Dodge Viper was to be its last. Production ceased in 2017 with poor sales being cited. The car was never destined for European sales so this is an imported left hand drive version you’ll be driving making it a very rare beast indeed. Brash and bold motoring at its best from across the Atlantic we think you’ll love the Dodge Viper experience at Bovingdon Airfield.

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Dodge Viper Experience
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