Drive Famous Movie Cars

Introducing this fleet of famous movie cars that are all revving their engines and are ready to rumble at race circuits around the UK! Are you up for playing a role like Michael Knight and taking these fabulous cars from the TV shows and films you know and love for a spin? It’s time to roll the open credits on these famous movie car experiences.

Whilst there are loads of very swish and sleek modern cars lined up on these sort of track days the cars that attract the most attention are the ones you all recognise from well-known movies and films. You could say nothing beats having your picture taken next to the A-Team’s infamous van or hanging out with that bright orange General Lee car those cheeky brothers Bo and Luke drove. But there is something better – having the chance to actually drive these famed cars – and that’s just what you’ll be doing.

Feel as slick as Tony Stark when he cruises along in his fancy R8 or imagine yourself as Michael Knight fighting to right wrongs with KITT as your automotive sidekick.

In many cases the cars featured in the movies and shows actually become more famous than the actors (much to their chagrin we imagine!). We’re not ashamed to say it we are fully celebrating these fabulous film star motors and putting them thoroughly in the spotlight for you to enjoy.

Some are absolutely gems straight out of the classic shows from your youth stepping you back in time to the 70s and 80s when the whole family gathered around the telly to watch shows like The Dukes of Hazzard and Knight Rider. Then there are seminal films that involved gorgeous and often eminent vehicles being driven at very high speeds such as Iron Man and 2 Fast 2 Furious.

These famous movie cars will make you feel like a Hollywood star. And if you fancy your very own Randall Raines moment at the wheel of Eleanor you’ll be gone for way more than 60 seconds as you get to drive the car (or each of the cars) of your choice for three laps.

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Drive Famous Movie Cars
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