Drive Knight Rider

KITT the legendary Knight Rider car certainly needs no introduction. This revved up retro experience gives you the chance to play the role of Michael Knight as you step into the cockpit of  a Pontiac Trans Am similar to  Knight Industries Two Thousand. That’s to say KITT the enigmatic car with a voice (and a very dry wit) from that famous TV show starring David Hasselhoff.

And of course everyone knows that despite the Hoff’s attempts to hog the limelight with his leather blousons open necked shirts and shades KITT the car was the true star. Fans who dream of driving the Knight Rider car will know exactly what we mean when we say scanner bar on the bonnet turbo boost microwave jammer tear gas launcher and flame throwers…

The car used in the Knight Rider show was based on a Pontiac Firebird Trans AM from General Motors like the one you’ll be driving however KITT was fitted with a Knight 2000 processor developed by The Foundation which made the car self-aware and capable of thinking learning and even interacting with his human driver.

And yes one of the things you all remember from Knight Rider is KITT’s voice and sense of humour. Who can forget those classic conversations as our heroic duo drove along the means streets of Los Angeles? The chat was always sharp-witted like when Michael says: “You’re about as much fun as a divorce…which is not a bad idea” and KITT replies in an instant: “I want custody of me!”.

Of course we this Pontiac Trans AM can’t respond to any of your cheesy Hasselhof wisecracks with a killer one-liner. However it will make you feel like a true 1980s TV hero as you screech away from the pits.

You will be driving the Knight Rider style car on a private track well away from the public roads. So you will have plenty of room for accelerating down the tarmac pretending to chase KARR (remember him?).  And to finish one more legendary Knight Rider quip: ‘Keep your scanners peeled pal’ … ‘Right away Michael’.


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