Dukes of Hazzard Experience

Remember Bo Luke and Daisy Duke? Then you’ll love this Dukes of Hazzard experience! Jump into the authentically-styled Dodge Charger and drive – just like the boys did when Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane was on their tail!

The boys’ car was known as General Lee thanks to the massive confederate battle flag that adorned the roof of their bright orange Dodge Charger. With 01 painted on each of the doors and fancy alloy wheels this big-bonneted car got the duo into and out of rather a lot off scrapes and predicaments often involving County Commissioner Boss Hogg saying: ‘Roscoe arrest them Duke boys’ and Roscoe replying: ‘I’m gonna cuff ya and stuff ya!”

Of course you won’t be driving this gem of a car on the dusty roads of Hazzard County Georgia. We’ve got a selection of proper smooth tarmac tracks for you to to take the General on. They’ll be no road gap jumps or car chases but you will be able to put your foot to the metal and you could find yourself reaching 100mph on the long straights – not bad for a car from the late 1960s.

As far as we know these are the only General Lee driving experiences in the country. During filming for the Dukes of Hazzard 309 Chargers were used with the increasingly hair-raising stunts meaning on average one car per episode was completely trashed. Little wonder then that these classic Dodges became rarer and rarer and they started to become very expensive to replace.

Luckily for you the team that runs these superbly nostalgic experiences has found a pristine Charger to become a very good looking General Lee. We can’t promise that the customised air horn will play ‘Dixie’ that Tammy Wynette will appear on the ‘Celebrity Speed Trap’ or that you’ll be invited for a bit of country dancing at the Boar’s Nest afterwards but we can be sure that this is the ultimate in all-American boy racer cars!

Each Dukes of Hazzard experience gives you the chance to charge around the track in your General Lee Dodge  after a welcome and safety briefing. It’s up to you whether you plump for three or six miles in this iconic lookalike car but just remember if you hear ‘Shepherd’ (Uncle Jesse) or ‘Bo Peep’ (Daisy) calling the ‘Lost Sheep’ on the CB radio that’s you!

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Dukes of Hazzard Experience
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