Early Driver Training Darlington

Calling all tenacious teens – how would you like to go on an early driver experience? This junior driving school in Darlington will get you behind the wheel and driving in a safe environment away from the public roads and all the hassle that comes with it.

So what will your little devils be doing on this young driver experience? Well first up there will be a short safety briefing and then it’s out to meet the car. Junior motoring maestros will be getting their little hands on a funky BMW Mini. Everyone knows how cool these cars are so imagine how your teen will feel when they see that this is what their very first driving experience will be in!

Of course it’s not just a case of jumping in clicking in the seatbelt and heading off. The car is dual-control and there’ll be a fully qualified instructor driver up front in the passenger to make sure everything runs smoothly. And if your young driver really gets into the experience we can tell you the expert won’t be using the dual-control every much so your junior will really have the experience of driving for themselves here in Darlington.

What we also love about this particular experience for young drivers is that it is on a one-to-one basis so there’s no hanging around and they won’t be part of a small group. This is also perfect if your teenager is a bit shy as they won’t have to put foot to the metal in full view of any other youngsters.

With a total of one hour in the car for each young driver this experience is much-loved by juniors who haven’t yet got their provisional licence. So if you’re looking for a present that’ll give them a smile as wide as the tread on the tyres of this Mini it’s time to book your youngster a session driving at this Darlington centre.

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