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Edinburgh Castle & Dinner for Two | The Real Britain Company

Edinburgh Castle & Dinner for Two

Jump the queue at Scotland’s most visited tourist attraction with our Edinburgh Castle tickets! This superb deal not only gives you fast track entry to the castle; there’s a table reserved in a popular Edinburgh restaurant for a lovely dinner too.

A mighty fortress its prominent position on Castle Rock dominates the whole of the Edinburgh skyline. Looking down on Prince’s Street Edinburgh Castle is at the end of the famous ‘Royal Mile’ and boasts superb views across the whole city and beyond. Walking up the cobbled streets with your tickets in your hand you certainly can’t miss the entrance to Edinburgh Castle as it’s guarded by two sentries – and yes they do wear kilts!

Skipping the long queues you can get straight down to the business of exploring this outstanding castle. Dating back to the original Iron Age fort Edinburgh Castle has seen more than its fair share of sieges and battles births and deaths. Moving on a few hundred years from those treacherous times the castle is home to the celebrated Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo and there is still a British Military presence at the castle (hence the sentries). There’s an active garrison along with several Regimental museums charting the military history of Scotland and the castle.

There are also sentries guarding the ‘Honours of Scotland’ the glittering Scottish Crown Jewels that were first worn by Queen Mary in 1543 and are a definitely ‘must-see’. Other highlights of your visit (all of which are accessible with your tickets) include watching the famous one o’clock gun fire and Mons Meg the huge cannon one of Europe’s largest siege guns.

The impressive Mons Meg stands right next to St Margaret’s chapel a wee little building that dates back to 1130 and is believed to be the oldest still standing in Scotland. And of course no one could forget the Stone of Destiny featured in many a coronation for successive Kings and Queens. All this and a whole lot more is included with your entry tickets to this fab fortress on the rock.

After making the most of your Edinburgh Castle tickets it’s time to visit the historic centre and head to your restaurant for your three course dinner. Merchant’s is in a hidden corner near Greyfriars Church and is much-loved for serving modern classics with a Scottish flavour that includes a taste of haggis ‘neeps’ Angus beef and Scottish berries too. A tasty end to your day out in Edinburgh indeed!

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