Extreme Rage Buggy Experience

Book an extreme Rage Buggy experience and you’ll be signing up for the School of Rage! We’ve got a full range of extreme buggy options for you each of which gives you plenty of opportunity to try and get to grips with these amazing little machines that are quite literally all the rage.

Rage Motorsport is the company behind these buggies. You will be driving a Hurricane buggy which is one of the most high-performance models produced. They’re just like the ones you seen bouncing across the scorching desert landscape in the Dakar race so yes they are pretty extreme!

Indeed the stats speak for themselves. A 1050cc Yamaha FX Nyto engine produces 140bhp. On a chassis this light that means you can easily clock up a 0-60mph time of less than four seconds. And as for the top speed? Well you can top 120mph if you’ve got your foot to the metal on a nice straight section.

Where these extreme rage buggies really come into their own is on loose surfaces. You won’t be seeking out the smooth tarmac on these experiences it’s all about gravel and grass. This operator will section off a part of the rally stage just for Rage School pupils and this is where you’ll learn your craft.

If you’re on the Blast experience you’ll have around 10 laps to try and tame the Hurricane buggy. You might find you’re chomping at the bit for more though so maybe go for the Thrill which gives you 20 laps of the track. That way you’ll hopefully have time to perfect your handling skills.

We highly recommend the Ultimate extreme rage buggy experiences. These half-day courses give you three separate driving sessions. After an initiation to learn Scandi flicks and hydro handbrake skills you will be let loose on the full rally stage for two more drives giving you loads of laps. The whole event is nicely rounded off with a passenger ride in the Rage.

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