Family Powerboat Adventure

Our family powerboat adventure that sets off from Southampton offers a day out with a difference for all the clan to enjoy! Landlubbers and water babes alike will love this powerboat session that’ll see all of you whooping with delight as you ride the waves of the Solent.

Specially created for a family of four this day out gives exclusive access to the Honda BF150 racing powerboat so it’s just you lot and the professional boat skipper on a wild ocean ride. These boats are strong and powerful offshore racers built to withstand a hammering over bumpy seas at speed – and you can have a taste of that if you want!

Setting off from Shamrock Quay you’ll cruise gently down the River Itchen and then out into Southampton Water. Then the real fun begins as the throttle is opened up and you’ll feel the incredible surge of speed of this powerful vessel as you skim over the sea. These waters remain sheltered in most weather conditions so even on a blustery day the sea will be very moderate and friendly for beginners.

Then you have the option of heading out into the wider waters of the Solent where the wind and waves may be stronger and where you can try the offshore racing circuit. With more space for faster runs you can ask the driver (often a current or past racer) to show you just what these fabulous machines can do.

Don’t forget this is more than just an adventure ride lasting at least one hour – you can take it in turns to drive and challenge each other for the best results on the racing course! If you don’t fancy the thrills of speed you can have a cruise and enjoy the sights of Southampton Water and the Solent or even make a detour towards the yachting mecca of Cowes on the Isle of Wight. There are plenty of fascinating things to see out on the ocean wave so enjoy!

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