Firefly Aerobatics Oxford

Fly Firefly aerobatics at Enstone! Go for some loops and rolls high above the Oxfordshire countryside with these aerobatic flying experiences out of Enstone Aerodrome. We are offering 20 and 30-minute flights filled with aerial moves that’ll turn your world upside down.

The Slingsby Firefly is a bit of classic amongst aviation fans. It’s a very capable two-seater aerobatic training aircraft that first flew in 1974 and was used by the RAF from 1995 to 2010. This Firefly is actually a T67 M200 version which is particularly rare as only 26 were ever built. She comes equipped with a more powerful 200bhp single engine and inverted fuel and oil systems – exactly what you need for performing aerobatics.

You will be flying out of Enstone Aerodrome for these Firefly experiences. It’s a busy and buzzing ex-RAF airfield located at Church Enstone between Woodstock and Chipping Norton with several flying clubs and private aircraft residents. Your hosting flying club has a full fleet of aircraft ranging from a Piper Cub and a PA28 to a choice of motor gliders.

And indeed it was Rene Fournier renowned for his motorised glider designs who originally designed and built the Fournier RF-6 which then became the Slingsby T67. It’s true the T67 does have distinctive looks that give more than a nod to it’s gliding cousins making this club at Enstone the perfect home for this Firefly.

Whether you choose the 20 or the 30-minute experience there will be plenty of time for you to get some serious aerobatic flying moves under your belt. You’ll need to be mentally prepared for it after all it’s not every day you find yourself upside in a plane!

What we love about these aerobatics sessions at Enstone is that the Firefly has a side-by-side seating configuration so you’ll be sitting up front beside your pilot instructor able to see just how they control the Firefly in and out of aerobatic manoeuvres – and it’s pretty impressive stuff. Buy your voucher now and get inverted over Enstone!

Find out more and book your place today!

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