First Drive in Essex

Take your first drive in Essex with this fantastic junior car handling session! Under the expert tuition of the driving team you’ll combine four-wheeled frolics with learning all there is to know about practical road-going skills. It’s a fun safe introduction to learning to drive.

The two hour course starts with a short safety briefing for participants and parents after which you’ll move out onto the airfield site to take your first drive in one of the Essex school’s VW Golfs. You’ll be sharing the vehicle with two other drivers with each of you spending around 40 minutes at the wheel practising a variety of simulated situations. Every session starts with an introductory period spent working out the controls of the car to ensure everyone’s on an equal footing in terms of those essential driving skills.

After mastering the basics of safely pulling away changing gear and stopping in a straight line you’ll start to develop your cornering prowess. Reversing and parking procedures are then introduced giving you the chance to practice some tricky manoeuvres without the fear of causing damage to your own or other vehicles. Finally as your abilities and confidence increase you’ll get to have a go at the ultimate challenge that has got to be a first for any young driver – negotiating the specially coned-out slalom course here in Essex.

The professional instructors are always on hand to give you guidance and advice to talk you through each car task and to ensure your safety and enjoyment of the activity at all times. They’ve got tons of experience teaching young people how to drive for the first time and the Essex centre has many years’ collective teaching time under its belt.

At the end of your drive you’ll receive an assessment of your overall performance and a personalised certificate to recognise your motoring achievements. With each course suitable for drivers aged as young as 12 – and reaching the required 4’10” for correct pedal control – this is an ideal experience for enthusiastic juniors looking to try driving for the very first time. If you know a little car-crazy kid desperate for the chance to jump in the driving seat this first drive at Essex’s popular Epping venue is a wonderfully white-knuckle introduction to the world of motoring.

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