First Drive in Oxfordshire

 Introduce youngsters to the art of car handling on this First Drive in Oxfordshire! Combining beautiful scenery with a purpose-built circuit on which to take your first steps to driving success this truly is a motoring match made in heaven.

The friendly and relaxed team at the track near Bicester has plenty of experience coaching mini motorists and tailor each junior driving session to suit the individual. With a minimum age limit of just 10 this is a great first drive opportunity for Oxfordshire’s young locals and visitors alike!

Each experience lasts approximately two hours. After a welcome meeting and briefing hosted by this Oxfordshire team the first drive on the track is actually as a passenger on a demo lap with the instructor driving. Then it’s over to the junior drivers who will be coached in basic theory whilst they are at the wheel. Each youngster will be assessed by the instructor and the course then adapted to build and improve upon their initial skills.

The Oxfordshire course offers first time drives for all abilities with a full half hour of time in the driving seat for each participant. When your little racer isn’t at the pedals they’ll be a passenger picking up tips from the other young drivers in their group.

If you want to bump up the adrenaline dose the First Drive Plus experience follows the same fundamental format but includes a high speed passenger ride on the track to round off the day showing enthusiastic youngsters just how fast these little cars can go. For the full motoring works the First Drive Exclusive session here in Oxfordshire is a private experience lasting two whole hours to be taken alone or shared amongst a group of friends.

By the end of their first drive around Oxfordshire each pupil should be able to pull away smoothly steer correctly and stop safely. If they are progressing well they may also get to practice gear changing using mirrors positioning the car and even reversing!

This makes for a splendidly speedy gift for any young girl or boy with an interest in cars driving and developing new skills. It’s a fun day out for friends and family and a proud moment for parents as their little motor monsters eat up the track like professional drivers. If you think you know a little racer who’d love to take their first drive at Oxfordshire’s secluded circuit then put your foot on the gas and get booking!

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