Fly with a Fighter Pilot

When we say you get to fly with a fighter pilot we really mean it! These incredible aerial adventures will see you team up with an ex-military fighter pilot to take an ex-military trainer aircraft out for a spin from Goodwood Aerodrome on a ride that can be as wild or mild as you like.

This experience is all about learning the tricks and moves to be able to fly just like a skilled fighter pilot. No need to spend hours and hours learning the basics though with these nimble T67 Firefly aircraft you’ll be able to pull off some of those classic aerobatic manoeuvres within minutes of getting airborne.

But first things first on these fighter pilot rides you’ll just need to practice the basic turn climb and descend. Now that all seemed to go pretty smoothly it’s time to step it up a gear skip a few hundred hours of flight training and go straight to the aerobatic section of the ‘how to be a fighter pilot’ syllabus. Yes you will be at the controls as you execute stylish rolls loops and turns – just like the ones you see at airshows.

In the Firefly aircraft you have the advantage of being up front side-by-side with your experienced fighter pilot instructor sitting right next to you and you’ll be totally immersed in the flying. Take a Cuban 8 for example. Skilled fighter pilots fly these aerial figures of eight with ease – and you’ll soon find out they need a fair bit of control on the ailerons.

Who could resist the fighter pilot’s favourite Stall Turn otherwise known as the Hammerhead Turn? Fly this right and it looks very very cool in the air and always gets a reaction from the crowd below. Test your rudder skills to the max as you make a vertical climb reduce power and pull the rudder to rotate the Firefly through 180 degrees into a brief (and very thrilling) vertical dive before it’s power on and pull up to fly straight and level again.

Then there’s the Derry roll. You’ll need to know your left and right for this one as you roll left 270 degrees on your own axis to the pull round on your side to fly off to the right. Sounds confusing? It’ll all become clear when you do it for real with your fighter pilot instructor. Start totting up the amount of g you’ve pulled on your flight it’s going to be a lot!

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