Furious Eclipse Drive

You’ll be going fast and pretty furiously on your Mitsubishi Eclipse drive! Find out what it’s like to drive a car that’s just like Brian O’Connor’s first street racing whip. You’ll be taking a lime green 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T around a race track for three or six miles of turbocharged fun.

The Eclipse was never marketed by Mitsubishi in Europe so these motors are pretty rare in the UK. What’s more this particular 2G (that’s second generation fact fans!) Eclipse has had an internal and external makeover to boost performance way beyond factory levels and capture those similar good looks that the Eclipse in the very first First and The Furious film boasted.

Aficionados will instantly recognise the Eclipse. It featured in that atmospheric opening scene of the famous car chase movie with undercover cop O’Connor testing his driving skills in his LAPD-financed Mitsubishi Eclipse. Pushing the car to its limits at the Dodger Stadium parking lot our hero spins out at 160mph. Realising there’s no way he’ll beat Toretto in his first race he goes off to buy Nitrous Oxide – and that if you know the film is how his Eclipse eventually meets its sticky end!

Whilst you won’t be street racing in this Mitsubishi you will be hooning it around a race track. We’ve got circuits the length and breadth of the country stepping up to host these Eclipse drives. That’ll give as many people as possible the chance to experience this special car that you’ll seldom encounter on the open roads.

And for those who want the stats about their Mitsubishi Eclipse drive we’re talking a 2.0l 16v turbocharged engine whale tail full body kit wings and glistening sport tuning rims too. Top speed is a healthy 155mph with a 0-60 time of just 4.5 seconds. We reckon you’re going to enjoy taking this fabulously furious Mitsubishi for a blast around the track.

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