Head to Head Nissan Driving

This Nissan GT-R vs Skyline experience is a true battle of the Godzillas! This brilliant Nissan GT-R challenge will pitch two Nissan GT-Rs against each other. Although they look pretty similar they’re different generations and each one has a loyal following. So which one will you crown your best in class?

The Nissan Skyline first launched way back in would you believe it 1957. Still a current model today the Japanese manufacturer has made many revisions across many generations of this car. For these head to head experiences two of the very best versions of the sportiest Nissans have come together on the track for your motoring pleasure and delight.

First up is the R34 Skyline. This 10th generation GT-R is very much loved and although production ceased in 2002 the model remains highly sought after and not just by boy racers indulging in a bit of illegal street racing. Motorsport fans simply love this car too. When it was lunched in 1999 it was pretty revolutionary. The dashboard display unit was a bewildering show with everything from simple oil and water temperature to boost pressure and even how much G-force you’re experiencing. When you think this was a time when GPS was a very costly option and LED headlights were unheard of on cars it’s even more impressive.

Then there’s the 11th generation GT-R. Gone is the straight six engine but performance is still within the realms of supercars like the 911 that cost a whole lot more. It also helps that the GT-R featuring in this Nissan versus Nissan challenge is actually a Nismo GT-R. That’s Nissan Motorsport International Limited and that gives you even more horsepower. Perhaps just as well it’s carbon-fibre light and all wheel drive to keep that 600bhp engine on the ground.

Both Nissans are quite clearly giant-slayers when it comes to performance (you’d leave a Ferrari standing at the traffic lights in either of them) and both are adored by high performance car fans the world over. All that remains for you to do is take both of them out for a spin on the track for three deliriously quick laps on this Nissan GTR vs experience and see which one you prefer…

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