Heartbeat Locations Tour

If you fondly remember the tales of PC Nick Rowan you’ll love this Heartbeat tour! Setting off in a luxury mini coach from York railway station you’ll be chauffeur-driven around some of the most famous places where Heartbeat was filmed and learn lots of about this picturesque part of the world which is steeped in history and legend.

Classic Sunday evening telly viewing ITV’s Heartbeat was nostalgic heartwarming and delightfully cosy. Each episode was as much about the stunning Yorkshire scenery as it was about the loves and lives of the local community – all with criminal goings on and a dash of medical drama too. 

Set in the 1960s (fans will remember the theme tune was Buddy Holly’s ‘Heartbeat’ song) PC Nick Rowan lived with his doctor wife Kate in the very scenic Aidensfield. This small fictional village was actually based on Goathland and it’s where many of the scenes were filmed. Fitting as the show is based on Peter Walker’s ‘Constable’ series of books with much of the storytelling inspired by his three decades in the North Yorkshire Police.

On this Heartbeat tour you will explore all the classic filming locations in around Goathland. These include Brow House Farm which was the home of Claude Greengrass one of the show’s best loved characters played by Bill Maynard. Then there’s the Aidensfield Arms the Police House the Post Office Dr Ferrenby’s surgery and Scripps’ garage and funeral parlour.

A highlight has to be the local shop which is still called Aidensfield Stores in homage to the long-running show and is still very much the heart of this beating community even today. Inside is like a Heartbeat mini museum   stepping back in time to the 1960s with memorabilia and signed photos from the Heartbeat stars over the years. Then there’s Aidensfield Station which is a bit of a film location star as it has also appeared in the Harry Potter films.

As well as the village locations the famous seaside town of Whitby also featured in the show – as itself! This Heartbeat tour will whisk over those purple heather moors (a true delight in themselves) to spend time in Whitby which really is the stuff of legends. We’re talking Count Dracula and Captain Cook.

Your Heartbeat tour will be hosted and led by an expert guide who has the insider knowledge on the hit show starring Nick Berry that ran for an incredible 372 episodes. They also have an excellent repertoire of stories to tell about these famous spots around North Yorkshire filled with captivating myths legends and historical tales. 

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