Helicopters Kent

Plenty of choice with these helicopter lessons in Kent with 20 30 40 and 60 minute flights in the two seater R22 Robinson chopper and 20 or 30 minute flights in the bigger four seat R44 helicopter to choose from. Whether they’d just like to ‘have a go’ in a helicopter or are seriously hooked on helis these lessons in Kent offer something for everyone.

This helicopter lesson provider near Ramsgate is an approved CAA Flight Training Organisation based on the busy Manston airport. Now officially known as Kent International Airport there’ll be plenty going on to keep friends and family occupied during your lesson with many commercial and freight flights at the airport. Imagine preparing for take off as a 747 taxis by right next to you!

If you choose a lesson in the four seater helicopter you can invite a friend or loved one to join you onboard as a passenger. For all flights you will enjoy a pre-flight briefing where you are shown all the controls. Once airborne you will take the controls of the chopper yourself. Those on a 60 minute helicopter lesson will get to learn more about the classic manoeuvre of hovering.

Whichever experience you choose these helicopter lessons in Kent are sure to please with excellent facilities for friends and family to get close to the take off and landing action too.

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