Heritage Jaguar Driving Day

Leave the confines of the track behind on these classic Jaguar driving experience days and hit the open road! These heritage Jaguar days will see you driving or riding as passenger in a series of classic Jaguar cars as you undertake a 100-mile tour in one glorious day of motoring.

The departure point for these Jaguar driving experiences is the operating company’s HQ and workshops in Redditch. The idea behind your road trip is a simple one. You’ll be part of a cross-country driving tour run in stages. Each outing is led by one of the hire company’s expert drivers and there is full event back up support too.

What makes this road rally unique is that it’s an all-Jaguar line up and it’s one that includes Jags from across four decades. It starts in the 1950s with the Jaguar Mark 2 that as all about ‘grace pace and space’. This mantra was certainly adhered to with this 220bhp 3.8l version. it a very fast car back in the day. And of course this is the Jaguar car we all associate with Inspector Morse so it’s a perennial favourite in the hire collection.

After the lovely XK150 which took Jaguar into the 1960s we’ve got a tantalising trio of E-Types including the powerful V12 the 4.2 coupe and the drop dead gorgeous convertible version. The E-Type is simply a superlative car and it’s the one that everyone is going to wave at whilst you cruise those country roads.

The XJ6 series was introduced in 1968 and took motoring to another level with the likes of leather seats and power steering as standard. It was a sign of the times as the automotive industry was in moving in leaps and bounds in terms of production and technology.

Icons of the 70s to 90s era have to be the XJS and the XKR. In production at a time when many sectors of the British motoring were struggling Jaguar resolutely continued to produce big sleek touring cars. You don’t see many of them on the roads these days and certainly not in this pristine showroom condition so it’s a real delight to find yourself behind the wheel of one.

If you sign up for our classic Jaguar driving experience days you’ll get to try at least five of these wonderful Jaguars on the 100-mile round trip with a chance to test drive the others (or at least some of them) on your return to Redditch. And make sure you book a passenger experience if you’d like to invite someone to join you in the front passenger seat.

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