Hero & Superhero Film Walk of London

From comic book heroes to big screen superheroes you’ll discover loads of London film locations on these tours! Meet your guide in central London and take a stroll around the capital seeing all those fantastic London film locations as you go.

Some of the places will be instantly familiar. For example when the Fantastic Four crew saved the London Eye from toppling into the Thames scenes were shot at the actual London Eye on the South Bank (with a good dose of cgi special effects added in afterwards of course!).

In other big-budget film productions London plays the role of somewhere else. In the Dark Knight trilogy billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne’s home is in Gotham City. Much of the movie scenes were filmed in Chicago for that Art Deco meets futuristic feel but there’s one special place in London that served as the City of Gotham State Courts – and you’ll get to see it for yourself.

Indeed London boasts lots of famous filming locations. This tour will delve into DC and Marvel comic book superheros like Transformers and X-Men. It will also show you where some of scenes were shot featuring those very British superheroes such a James Bond and Sherlock Holmes.

The leisurely-paced walking tours start at Russell Square and end at Trafalgar Square. This is where one of the most ambitious shoots took place for the blockbuster film Edge of Tomorrow starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. The whole square was closed off for filming this major battle scene which saw 36 roads being closed 122 bus routes diverted and all the hotel rooms in vicinity being booked out by the production crew.

This and many more nuggets of insider info will be divulged to all you movie fans on these thoroughly entertaining London film location tours. You’ll spend around 2.5 hours with your guide visiting iconic locations and hidden gems alike that have featured in some of the best-loved superhero films that have been recently made.

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Hero & Superhero Film Walk of London
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