High Ropes Hertfordshire

Embark upon an exciting Zip Wire experience in Hertfordshire! This family run outdoor events centre is located on a farm estate setting just north of Ware and offers lots of hair raising fun in a safe and professionally organised environment. There are two available; one for those aged between 16 and 65 years and a zip wires course that has been specially designed for children between the ages of 8 and 15 both of which provide one of the best zip wire UK set ups we have seen.

Throughout the adult course there are over 50 different high wire challenges for you to tackle including numerous zip wires which allow you to fully appreciate the zing of a rapid descent with the wind rushing past. Each one varies and increases in difficulty and height as you progress. After a full safety briefing you’ll start on a low level challenge and once you’ve successfully mastered each section you’ll move up to face the top level bridges ropewalks and a high-flying zip wire UK style – as it’s nestled in British indigenous trees.

The younger adventure seeker will be traversing ladders ropes and more all secured on platforms several feet above the ground on the specific kids’ course. The circuit has three different levels and after being kitted out in a full safety harness and helmet youngsters will listen to a full briefing before attempting the lower obstacles. When children conquer level one they’ll progress to the mid-level tasks – all higher off the ground and just that little bit scarier!

The highlight of this adrenaline fuelled course has to be the Big Zip – pretty much the highest zip wire (UK based ones that is) you’ll ever see. Set 10m high just climbing up there to access the start point will take nerves of steel yet the feeling of the zap as you go hurtling across this wire thread is unbeatable. The zip wire – UK-designed and made from highly durable heavy duty cable – extends 150m providing a totally invigorating experience that thrill seekers will just adore. Once safely attached via your harness it’s away you go as you zip at a rate of knots along the wire. If you are brave enough to do it without closing your eyes your zip line ride will offer an unrivalled view of the beautiful river Rib valley and the stunning surrounding countryside from a breathtaking height!

All the aerial challenges on this zip wire adventure course in Hertfordshire have been purpose-built and tested to the strictest zip wire UK and EU safety standards. All instructors are friendly fully trained and qualified to provide an exciting and safe experience that might very well push you out of your comfort zone but is sure to have you feeling on top of the world when you conquer some of the highest zip wires UK yes that’s zip wires UK wide not just the ones in Hertfordshire!

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