Honda Racing Experience Hampshire

Book a powerboat experience in Southampton and go racing over the waves! It’s not everyday you can drive an offshore racing powerboat so these shared and solo experiences are an absolute must for adrenaline seekers who want to speed across the seas out of the marina at Southampton in Hampshire.

he powerful boat is the real deal. They actually competing in the Honda Formula 4-Stroke Championship (HF4S) so you will be able to feel the acceleration and grace of one of these highly responsive racing speedboats just like the professional racing crew. Capable of powering through almost any water conditions at a high rate of knots you may find the boat spends almost as much time out of the water as it does in it!

To really get into the flow of things you’ll be kitted out in proper HF4S team kit and safety gear including life jacket. Your instructor/driver will more than likely be a current or past powerboat racer so be prepared to hold on tight when the throttle is unleashed as they will be more than capable and keen to show just what these Honda vessels are capable of. Once launched you’ll set off at a gentle cruising pace along the river to the Solent estuary. When you are out on the open waters the speed restrictions are lifted and you’re off wave jumping and pulling super tight corners.

Keep your sea legs because after your demo session it’s your turn to have a go at actually piloting these simply rip-roaringly power-hungry craft. If your skipper moves are up to scratch you may well have the opportunity to test your skills on an offshore racing circuit cutting through and flying above waves at a hair raising speeds.

On the shared powerboat experiences out of Southampton you get around 15 minutes of drive time and as the boat holds up to four passengers when you’re not driving you’ll be in the back seat with the wind and sea-spray in your hair! If you book a voucher for four you will have the boat exclusively for your group for the duration of the experience. If you go for the solo you get to hog the whole boat for a whole hour out on the water – just you boat and instructor.

Find out more and book your place today!

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