Jaguar E Type Driving Experience

It’s all about the retro 60s style on this Jaguar driving day! We love the idea of leather driving gloves a nice pair of Farah slacks and original Ray Bans as your attire of choice for this E-Type experience that’ll see you taking one of these original beauties out for a spin on a circuit.

However let’s be honest. The outfits from this era are probably best forgotten but the design of this car is eternally in fashion. Even some of today’s Jaguars still boast that nice long bonnet and distinctive wheel-arch curves that were first seen on the E-Type. Just getting the chance to get up close to one of these Jaguars models is a privilege let alone actually driving one!

Brit-born designer Malcolm Sayer was an engineer. He was enthralled by the concept of aerodynamics and he was a pioneer in using his experience in this field and applying it to car design. That is why the E-Type is so sleek and gorgeous. Not only does it look superb the theory is all there behind the style to make it a truly thrilling driving experience. There were also several new innovations incorporated into the car including disc brakes as standard and a very clever independent coil sprung rear suspension to name but two.

But of course it’s not so much what is under the bonnet that strikes you first it’s very much those incredible looks. Even Enzo Ferrari graciously admitted it was the world’s ‘most beautiful car’ and the car has topped endless lists declaring the same thing. So will you be enchanted by the E-Type on your Jaguar driving day?

This airfield venue at Upper Heyford is owned and run by the motorsport experience team and have a reputation for being a super friendly and approachable bunch. We think it must be a delight to work with such an iconic classic as the E-Type and in our experience they will keep on encouraging you to push the car (and you!) to your driving limit to get a real feel for what the Jag can do.

And yes it might be from another decade but the performance figures still very much add up in today’s market. The impressive 4.2l Jaguar engine roars into life on your driving day with 265bhp and a very respectable top speed of 150mph. Available in FHC (fixed head coupe) or OTS (open two seater) versions this venue operates with the FHC E-Type models but don’t worry you can still hear the fabulous engine noise even without dropping the top!

Your Jaguar driving day gives you the chance to enjoy an E-Type experience on a fast-paced track that boasts a deliciously long straight where you can put your foot to the metal. And let’s face it it’s not every day you get the chance to drive an E-Type Jaguar so make sure you savour the moment your name is called out you walk over to the open door of the Jag and slide into the all-leather driving seat…it’s time for your three or six laps is sheer motoring heaven!

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