Jaguar Series I E-Type Driving Experience

Say hello to the beautiful Jaguar E-type Series 1! This is a stunning car and we are delighted to be able to offer you the chance to drive it at the track in Bovingdon. It’s going to be everything you’d expect – and a little bit more.

That’s because this particular E-type is one of the later Series 1 models and that means it’s fitted with the same 4.2l engine that featured in the XK giving you increased power but with those same gorgeous looks that the earlier versions had and the later series didn’t quite capture so well.

Indeed when the series 1 E-type Jag was launched at Geneva Motor Show in 1961 it blew the tyres off every other newly-launched car there selling over 500 through the duration of the show. Next came the New York show where six of the series 1 were sold in just 30-minutes. Even Frank Sinatra allegedly said: “I want that car!”. And quite frankly we can’t blame him.

For your experience you will be driving this series 1 E-type for 10 whole laps. But before then there’s a welcome and briefing. Then you’ll head out in a sports saloon with the instructor driving for four sighting laps including one at high speed. Then it’s the big one. The moment you get to drive this lovely example of a vintage Jaguar E-type series 1.

It’s a real delight. This is what motoring was always meant to be like. A wonderful car that makes all the right noises and is pretty powerful too. Back in the 1960s when this 265bhp E-type was hitting top speeds of around 150mph the average family car could only reach around 70mph.

Savour every moment of your 10 laps in this Jaguar E-type series 1. An instructor will be by your side to help you get the most out of your time behind the wheel and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how this car from another age handles on today’s track. It’s certainly going to be a thrilling drive in this lovely E-type series 1!

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