Jet Ski Lincolnshire

Ride the water on a jet ski in Lincolnshire! We are offering a taster session on these fun jets skis at the lovely Tattershall Lake country park which is nestled in the Lincolnshire fens between Lincoln city centre and Skegness on the coast.

This Lincolnshire venue is actually a collection of seven different lakes with a bustling holiday park and outdoor activities centre at the heart of it. For jet skiing there’s a dedicated lake so you won’t be annoying fisherfolk walkers or anyone else as you go whizzing around the water (and probably whooping with delight as you go!).

If you’ve always fancied ‘having a go’ on a jet ski these taster experiences will give you a quick blast so you can see what all the fuss is about. And these jet skiing sessions at this centre in Lincolnshire come highly recommended as tuition is excellent (but of course once you’ve got the hang of it there’s plenty of time for you to discover the joys all by yourself) and by the end of your ride time you will be some way to becoming a competent and responsible jet ski rider.

But to start you off it’s shore-side for the kit out in wet/dry suit buoyancy aid and helmet (all included in this Lincolnshire deal) with the instructor going through the simple jet ski controls. Then you’ll launch onto the water with your tutor riding pillion. Once you have shown you are at ease with the watercraft you head off to lap the 45 acre lake set out with yellow and red buoys on the lake to really test your skills.

This taster gives you a full half an hour on a sit down jet ski and if you’ve never done it before 30 minutes is plenty as you’ll be exhilarated but tired after your blast out on the water.

The fleet of Personal Watercraft (or PWs as they are known) at this jet ski Lincolnshire centre are all bang up to date Sea-Doos known for being agile reliable easy to ride and high performing too. Be prepared for some superb jet skiing fun at the bustling Tattershall Park in Lincolnshire!

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