Jet Viper Southampton

Go wave riding with the jet set on this Jet Viper In Southampton experience! These amazingly fiery jet-powered boats can seat up to 12 passengers as you go whizzing around the waters around Southampton and the Solent on these full-on adrenaline-filled rides.

The Renegade II is a boat that can’t be missed. As she sits bobbing up and down in the marina her bright yellow hull is easy to spot. Not particularly big but very lightweight and with loads of torque these 450bhp craft are equipped with Hamilton jets that boast massive acceleration and deceleration in the water.

Now we must point out that this is not a gentle cruise around Southampton to watch the sea life and gaze at the beaches. This is all about sheer excitement and exhilaration as you hang on to the rail or the rope on your teeny ‘jockey’ style seat as you are being thrown around cutting through waves jumping your own wake pulling some side slides sharp turns and spins.

Lifejackets are obligatory and the crew will provide you with waterproofs too. Bear in mind that you WILL get wet even if it’s not raining as the speeds you’ll be achieving mean that sea spray will be going everywhere and is bound to splash and splash over into the boat. To give you an idea of the gnarliness of these rides take a look at the photos above and you’ll see the hull of the craft is well out of the water!

These experiences use the Jet Viper in Southampton moored in the Shamrock Quay marina. You will be forming a group of up to 12 brave wave riders who will be climbing aboard these incredible little jet boats ready for the ride of your life. Of course speeds within the harbour area are restricted but once out on the open waters of the Solent your expert pilot will show you just what the Jet Viper is capable of.

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