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Jetbike Experience | The Real Britain Company

Jetbike Experience

This is a real speed demon and water lover’s delight as you get to ride a brilliant sit-down jet bike. You’ll be powering over the water on your jetbike at a lake just off junction 11 of the M4 at Reading in Berkshire. If you’ve never been on one of these machines before they’re pretty exhilarating and a great adrenaline rush!

Learning to ride a jetbike has got to be a water lover’s dream and the ones here in Reading are all sit down models which makes them pretty easy to learn to ride – and surprisingly they are relatively stable too. Mind you don’t be fooled – as soon as you open the throttle you’re away quicker than you can say ‘Where are the brakes?’.

If it’s your very first time and you’re feeling a little nervous one of the instructors will be there to guide you through the whole procedure. You’ll receive a safety briefing and be shown the course on the lake. When you take to the water your instructor will sit on the back during your initial lap to keep an eye on your driving ability. Although they are pretty easy to handle you do need to know the basics to be able to ride out on the water solo. /

Once you’ve got the hang of it it’s time to go it alone to really see what these Personal Water Craft can do. You’ll find they’re responsive and handle beautifully on the corners giving you the confidence to skim across the water at speed around the course marked out with buoys.

There will be other jetbike riders out on this Reading lake at the same as you making the experience even more of an adventure. It’s not a race but having the challenge of ygoing around the markers makes it great fun as you bounce along the spray hitting your face as you ride those waves.

With all that excitement out on the lake you’ll probably want to relax afterwards and what better way to do that than chilling out on one of the many seating areas around the lake? This Jet Biking centre near Reading offers great facilities for all the family with onsite snacks and refreshments and even a wonderful bar and grill where you can sit on the balcony and watch the fun on the water during the summer months. An excellent choice for a day out in Reading.

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