JetLev Experience

Buckle up for big thrills on this JetLev experience with the UK’s only JetLev-Flyer team! We are offering solo JetLev rides at a water sports centre near St Neots in Bedfordshire so if you’ve ever fancied feeling weightless over water here’s your chance!

JetLev flying is the latest crazy sport to hit the shores of the UK but it’s not another antipodean invention these £85000 machines are designed and built in Germany so no wonder they are so sturdy and high-performing. In fact in experienced hands these JetLevs on UK waters can reach speeds of up to 50mph and rise a whopping 10m in the air.

The JetLev can only be described as a water-powered jetpack using a purpose built powerhouse to create a downward facing spray of water via the 10m long hose attached to the base of the special pack you’ll be wearing on your back. Made up of a carbon fibre seat with headrest and a frame integrating the arm rests and hand controls you’re attached with a five point safety harness. And hey presto you’ve got yourself a madcap jet levitating water sport to try right here in the UK.

Adrenaline hounds will love the solo Jetlev ride. This is your chance to experience the sensations of hovering over water with the UK’s most experienced JetLev-ers coaching you in your mission to fly. You can expect around 20 minutes of piloting time – and believe us this is ample for your first go as it’s exhausting stuff all this launching yourself like a human rocket out of the water and you’re bound to take a few face plants on the way!

So if you fancy trying the only JetLev experience in the UK get yourself down to the wonderful tree-lined Wyboston Lakes just south of St Neots and get ready for lift off. Of course you’re sure to be nervous before your first take-off attempt but but the end of the session you will hopefully be moving over the water quite successfully in full JetLev flight hang on tight it’s going to be a blast!

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JetLev Experience
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