Jetski Bedfordshire

They come in all shapes and sizes when you jetski in Bedfordshire! Ride a stand-up or a sit-down jetski…or both. These thrilling jet ski experiences on Wyboston lakes near St Neots Bedfordshire give you the choice of 15 or 20 minutes on one jetski.

This Bedfordshire water sports centre uses Yamaha Superjet stand up jetskis known in water sports circles as being the jetski of choice for racers and freestylers alike. These aren’t watered down or restricted versions they are the real deal. If you’ve never ridden a stand-up jetski before the instructor will start you off kneeling so you can get used to the sensation of speed on the water and get your balance. As confidence grows you’ll be standing on the jetski and before you know it attempting to lean into the corners for a tight turn or even doing some kick tricks.

These high-energy watercraft are stable enough for beginners to start on but agile and fast enough for fancy moves and fast cornering by more experienced riders. It has been said that this amazing wave-riding experience is like riding a speedy and responsive motorbike but over water. And it’s that powerful 700cc engine that’ll  blast you over the water of Wyboston. If you want a more relaxed ride the sit down SeaDoo jet skis are super easy to pilot with simple controls so you can concentrate and ripping it up around the water and not having to find your balance!

As for the location for your jet skiing session it couldn’t be better. Wyboston Lake’s alpine clubhouse is modern and well kitted out with patios and terraces overlooking the water so it’s ideal for friends and family to watch the action. There are also hot showers and changing facilities so you can shower and warm up after your water thrill ride.

Everything you need to go jetskiing at this Bedfordshire lake is included with your voucher specifically the full wet suit and safety gear. All you need to bring is a good dose of daredevil attitude to make the most of your time on the water. Be warned sit-down and stand-up jetskiing can get very competitive. Both racing and freestyle events have a worldwide following – which you can see on YouTube to give you an idea of what you are letting yourself in for!

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