When it comes to hiring a jet ski in Cornwall this company’s bases are the most impressive for sure! The main centre is at the wonderfully named Lusty Glaze cove with the second hire centre at the lovely Carlyon Bay on the coast from Saint Austell!

Even the guys who run these jet ski centres say they are ‘living the dream’ in Cornwall and how right they are. We have never seen such idyllic places to jet ski from. Tucked away from the more commercial Cornish beaches Lusty Glaze and Carlyon are the ideal launch spots for either just going for a blast on a jet ski or exploring the north or south Cornwall coastlines on a safari.

Lusty Glaze on the north coast is a private beach surrounded by 135ft-high cliffs. It’s very sheltered so the calmer waters are ideal for those going out on a jet ski for the first time. Having said that you will have to negotiate over 100 steps to reach this little corner of paradise but boy is it worth it. As well as jet skiing there are high wires banana boats and a lovely restaurant that always earns rave reviews.

On the south coast of Cornwall it’s a similar story at Carlyon Beach. It’s a private beach accessed by a slope or a fairly steep set of steps. The water is extremely clear and flat like a mill pond making it perfect for jet skiing. This is the satellite centre that runs during the summer season with Lusty Glaze being the main base.

And as for where you go on your jet ski we think heading out on the open waters around these stunning parts of Cornwall can’t be beaten. Much more varied than in-land lake jet skiing it’s no surprise this operator offers safaris. If you choose the standard or ultimate safari you’ll head out with a guide on their own jet ski leading you as you tour the Cornish coast discovering coves cliff tops caves and lighthouses that you can’t even reach on foot yet alone by car. You might even find one of the local dolphin pods pops up to swim alongside you!

So if you fancy having some fun blasting around and making waves on a jet ski in Cornwall go for the taster sessions. If you’d like to make the most of the power and see the sights book yourself onto either the 50 minute or 1.5 hour safari. 

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