Junior 4×4 Explorer Dorset

Introducing kids 4×4 in Dorset – let your little ones rip it up in an off-roader! Hard-to-please teens will be kept seriously entertained on these fabulous offroad driving sessions just for youngsters.

There’s no need for a driving licence (not even a provisional one) as the land is all private. There’s no need to risk your own family car either as the school has their own 4x4s that they are totally prepared to let the young ones drive – and it helps that they are automatic so no gear changes to think about.

You might be wondering how an adolescent can even drive one of these things? Well it’s a bit like the age old tale of the hare and the tortoise. A bulky heavy 4×4 vehicle on this tricky off road terrain near Dorchester won’t be going very fast but it will make sure and steady progress. And at such low speeds the instructors have found most kids have no problem at all picking up the skills that driving a vehicle off road requires.

In fact many say that teaching children or those with no experience behind the wheel is even easier than with those of us who already have our driving licences. That’s because techniques are very different from ‘normal driving’ when you’re faced with a 40 degree uphill slope closely followed by a steep drop into a water trough. So there’s the challenge for this team – to teach the kids to 4×4!

When it comes to the car there are no problems as this Dorchester centre runs with the Land Rover Discoveries. The good old Discos as they are affectionately known are as solid as you can get and are ready to tackle anything this Dorset venue can throw at them. But are our junior drivers ready to go off road?

The only prerequisites for signing up to kids’ 4x4ing in Dorset is that the child is aged between 12 and 17 years old and must be at least 4ft 11′ tall – your young ‘uns need to be able to reach the pedals and see a little bit over the steering wheel after all! With professional instruction from expert BORDA 4×4 drivers your boys and girls are sure to have fun at this venue just outside Dorchester.

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Junior 4×4 Explorer Dorset
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