Junior Off Road Kent

Our kids 4×4 in Kent – forget skateboards scooters and in-lines this is the way to roll! They’ll make all their school friends well jealous when they tell them that they took a big fat 4×4 vehicle out for a drive – taking on the slopes and winning!

It’s the eager youngsters who’ll be in the driving seat of a fancy off road vehicle on this experience in Kent. Taking place at the lovely Eastwell Manor park estate there’s plenty of room for teens to try their hand at off roading – 3000 acres in fact. And don’t forget this is an exclusive 4x4ing session for one teen at a time.

What’s more the team here at Eastwell Manor only do 4×4 driving and training – this whole set up isn’t just an off-shoot to other driving activities on the same site it is the focus of what they do. That means youngsters are getting the best possible instruction in the best available 4x4s for the job on this challenging Kentish course.

Both Land Rover Discoveries and the proper pick-up style work-horse that is the Toyota HiLux feature. They’re regularly used by professionals where the terrain is rugged and remote from emergency services and farmers to surveyors working in the mountains and even for crossing desserts. Your little darling kids will certainly get an idea of just what these 4×4 vehicles can do and they’ll love it.

As for the terrain the kids will be tackling – well it’s no different to what the adults drive on! The chalky Kent hills and the rain water mixes to create a wonderfully gloopy mud surface that sets pretty solid when it dries – great fun for the driver not so much for the person who has to clean the 4×4! So when the sun is shining on this corner of Kent you’ve got serious ruts and bumps and when it’s wet there are water splashes everywhere.

We think these kids 4×4 Kent experiences are great fun for both boys and girls. Of course they won’t have and don’t need a driving licence the only prerequisite is that they are tall enough to be able to see out of the windscreen and use the pedals which is generally around the 4ft 8″ mark. The only other decision to make is whether you treat your teen to a one or two hour 4×4 session here at Eastwell Manor!

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