Junior Off Roading at Coniston Hall

We think our junior 4×4 Skipton sessions offer up the perfect offroading experiences to keep your little dirt devils in the Dales totally entertained! It’s destination Yorkshire for all youngsters who want to give 4x4ing a go. But we have to say this Coniston venue offers a bit of a twist to the usual 4×4 activity aimed at youngsters…

And that’s because the kids at his centre near Skipton will be driving a fabulous little John Deere Gator! This Coniston crew has chosen these miniature utility vehicles from the ‘Green Giant’ they call John Deere (a farming favourite for decades) as the ideal vehicle for youngsters to get their first taste of 4x4ing. And it’s a great choice as everybody seems to love these funky machines.

Admittedly at first glance you could say they look rather like a beefed-up golf buggy but you couldn’t be much further from the truth. They’re more like a crazy hybrid of a quad bike a 4×4 and a tractor all rolled into one impressive off-roading fiend. They’re rugged powerful and not afraid of hard work. What’s more driving them is kids play!

So it’s time to let the children loose on these superb pocket powerhouse 4x4s. A fully qualified off road driving instructor will host these junior sessions which all begin with an explanation of the controls. Once strapped in and ready to go your little ones will be concentrating on conquering the Rock Garden the specially developed 4×4 course right in front of the Coniston Hall hotel in the heart of the estate where all the off-roading activities take place.

The main aim of the game is fun but as far as training goes on these Coniston sessions the instructors will be developing your child’s basic motoring skills including pedal control and navigation of the terrain – a great head start for any teenager that’s for sure.

Junior 4x4ing at Skipton’s lovely Coniston Hall estate is available for kids between the ages of 10 and 17 years. The only other requirement to take part in these sessions is that youngsters can reach the pedals (usually around 4ft 10”). So go on kids get the folks to buy you this fab experience!

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