Junior Zoo Keeper for Two Shropshire

Join this junior zookeeper experience at this Shropshire park and meet loads of animals! Created just for kids between the ages of 6 and 16 years children will love spending a couple of hours in the company of an expert animal keeper.

Hoo Farm near Telford is home to a whole host of animals from furry mammals to scaly reptiles. They all very much have their own characters habits and things they like to do. The keepers know their animals really well so they’ll be able to tell you all about them during the visit.

Things start off pretty scaley and slippery in the reptile house. Who you get to meet in here depends on the day but you might be introduced to the likes of Mojo the Burmese Python or the resident Reticulated Python. Then there’s the Giant Tortoise and Monitor Lizard who looks like a miniature dinosaur.

The cute factor steps up a notch when you visit the hedgehog enclosure. Kids will be shown how to handle the hedgehogs (which can be done even if they are spiky!) and may meet the Tenrecs too. These are long-nosed little mammals from Madagascar who love to sleep.

Time for a bit of feeding next as those lovely Lemurs are always hungry. The Lemur Forest is home to several Lemurs easily recognisable with their long ringed tails grey coats white bib and ‘panda’ eyes.

A highlight for many of the youngsters on this zookeeper experience is meeting the Meerkats. These adorable creatures live in clans looking out for and protecting each other. Getting up close to them and hearing loads of fascinating facts about them is a real treat and a great way to finish the junior zookeeper experience at Shropshire’s favourite farm park.

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