Kayak Lessons in North Wales

Kayaking North Wales – take to the water with an exhilarating half or full-day experience based in the lovely Llangollen area of North Wales. As well as expert coaching geared towards your level you get the added bonus of beautiful surroundings too.

Your kayaking session is set on the picturesque waters in and around the River Dee against the scenic countryside backdrop of North Wales. The lesson begins with registration and provision of all the equipment you will need including buoyancy aid safety helmet and kayak to suit your height and build.

Each group will be led by a qualified instructor who will give a full safety briefing and demonstration of the equipment before you get afloat. The tuition will take place on a calm stretch of the river or nearby canal section so you can concentrate on developing your technique without fear of being carried off on the current!

You will gain knowledge of how to control your kayak as well as learning the basic essential flat water skills including paddling forwards and backwards in a straight line turning around moving sideways and stopping.

When your instructor has finished the basic control skills and the theory of the capsize drill it is time to kit you out ready to head off onto the river for your kayak adventure. Soon you will be out there on the Dee exploring the open water. Here you will have the chance to put your newly acquired skills to the test on the moving white water (don’t worry they’re not gnarly rapids but they are brilliant fun!).

All the instructors are passionate and enthusiastic they love to paddle and they love teaching others how to paddle too. As your confidence on the water grows with time by the end of your kayaking lesson in North Wales you’ll even be up for a few games of kayak tag to round things off!

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