Kids Archery London

Children’s archery is just the thing to get them aiming for gold! Up to 12 youngsters can take part in an indoor kids’ lesson at this venue near London Bridge Station. These sessions are adapted for younger archers and for a group they make an ideal birthday party treat.

The children will be taking their lesson at a well-known club with highly qualified tutors leading the experience. All the equipment needed is provided so the only thing the kids will need to bring is their bags of enthusiasm and desire to be a bit of a hotshot!

Archery is one of the oldest sports know to the human race. Over the years archers have used the bow and arrow for hunting self defence and warfare. Nowadays of course competition and recreation are the main things and these lessons show the fun and relaxation to be found in this great sport that kids love and are often very good at.

At the start of the lesson everyone will meet the team at the centre and each child will be kitted out with a suitable bow for the lesson. The aim of the game is to get each youngster successfully shooting at the targets by the end of the session and hopefully scoring a few golds too.

The main focus of these lessons is fun. As the children are taught to shoot they’ll take part in archery games such as ‘Balloon Assassins’ which always goes down a treat with the young archers. The sessions are designed for novice young archers with plenty of friendly instruction bows that are the right size and easy for children to draw as well as aiming at targets that are not too far away – everything to improve their chance of a being on target. Great fun and excellent value for money the kids will love it too!

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