Lotus Exige Drive

Get ready to meet the Lotus Exige on this experience! The Exige is the Lotus you’ll most want to buy. It’s as simple and straight-forward as that. It’s raw yet actually pretty practical for a sportscar and it drives like a dream. This Lotus Exige drive will let you discover just what a delight this car is.

The Lotus Exige V6 350 is an improved version of the already brilliant Exige S. Every body panel and part of the Exige has been examined to ensure it is as high-performing and light-weight as possible. And all that scrutinising means even more kilos have been whittled away leaving this Exige weighing in at just 1125kg. No wonder the Lotus Exige drives so fast for a car that has a fairly middling (in supercar terms) 345bhp.

And as you will find out on your drive this Lotus Exige really does shift. We have just one word for you – torque. The very first gear shift you experience in this Exige will be memorable for sure. And not just because of the acceleration you’ll be feeling. The actual gearshift on the manual Exige is a sheer joy – it’s all exposed (saving weight again!) and it’s like something from a robotic sci-fi movie. Utterly mesmerising.

You’ll need to keep you eyes firmly on the track though during your Lotus Exige drive. Before you know it you’ll be reaching 60mph (the clock stops at 3.7 seconds for that one) and the rev counter will be bouncing towards 7000rpm. The first corner you take will show you how well-balanced this car is with it’s low centre of gravity. You feel like you’re just on the edge of understeer but then the car grips and away you go.

With what the motoring journos call ‘keen throttle response’ the Exige is the perfect partner for you on the track. It gives as much back as you put in so you can either go for a cruise or really push this car and it reacts favourably to both. We think you will love this mid-engined specimen of British-built automotive engineering. What’s more you don’t see many Exiges on the roads and even fewer of them of the track so this Lotus Exige experience will be right up your street.

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