Mary Poppins Walking Tour of London

Practically perfect in every way it’s the Mary Poppins tour! This easy walking tour of London shows you all the supercallifragilisticexpialidocious sights and locations that feature in the hit film ‘Mary Poppins Returns’. And just as Mary Poppins herself would say: ‘In every job that must be done there is an element of fun’.

These fun and informative tours take you into Mary Poppins’s magical world of wonder. Of course fans of the original Mary Poppins will know that the story takes place in London centred around Jane and Michael two children living in a house on Cherry Tree Lane.

For ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ it’s 25 years later in 1930s London. A grown up Michael still lives in the family home with his three young children and a housekeeper. Recently widowed Michael is struggling. Whilst flying a kite with his youngest Georgie something magical happens and Mary Poppins floats down with her famous umbrella.

From here on in the children and Mary Poppins embark on fantastical adventures. This tour shows you where they magically dance on the steps at St Paul’s how they manage to turn back time the bank where their father Michael has to try and save the house from repossession and a whole host of other iconic London locations.

As Emily Blunt who plays Mary Poppins says: ‘I think this film is a love letter to London’ with beautifully shot scenes featuring the best-known London landmarks. This tour will open up the film’s 1930s London to you recreating the world that the original author P J Travers imagined for her books.

The Mary Poppins tour lasts around two hours and is scheduled for Sunday afternoons so you can enjoy a relaxed stroll around central London and the City to take in locations from Mary Poppins Returns hearing anecdotes and info on how the film was made as you go.

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Mary Poppins Walking Tour of London
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