Medieval Longbow Archery

Try your hand at Medieval archery and learn to shoot just like the King’s archers in the days of the Hundred Years War! This is authentic and historic archery at its very best with you being taught how to handle a hand-crafted longbow.

You’ve probably seen modern-day archery with a recurve bow on the telly (as it’s an Olympic Sport) and you may have had a go at this form of archery.¬†However it’s really quite unusual to find a centre that teaches traditional longbow archery let alone specialise in the skill.

Tom and Adam the duo behind these experiences are both very talented. Tom has been fashioning longbows and arrows for over 40 years and his handcrafted wooden bows made from solid staves of wood are works of art in themselves. This pain-staking attention to historic detail is because they want to offer the most authentic experiences possible. Indeed one of the main activities here is historical re-enactments from the Hundred Wars period.

Being out ‘in the field’ as it were is Adam’s domaine. He loves nothing more than to introduce captivate and motivate newcomers to the sport of traditional archery with longbows. He’ll explain¬†how and why a longbow behaves differently to recurves and give you all the top tips you could ever need in your mission to be one of the King’s gifted archers.

We are offering two longbow archery experiences for you to choose between. The taster gives you a two-hour introduction to longbows. The three-hour masterclass goes more in-depth with everything from shooting positions to learning how to speed shot up to 12 arrows on target in one minute. In both cases you’ll learn how to become a formidable Medieval archer!

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