Mini Junior Drive Lesson & Supercar Blast

Funky cars and fast cars combine for this first drive and supercar experience! These junior Mini and supercar experiences are just for the kids. They’re great value and children love the fact that they get a driving lesson followed by the chance to drive a fancy supercar too.

The first time behind the wheel of a car is always nerve wracking. That’s why these experiences start with a session in a Mini. This is where youngsters will be shown the basics of driving with a fully-qualified approved driving instructor alongside to guide little ones through those first manoeuvres. It starts at the very beginning with turning the engine on (which is quite a thrill in itself when it’s your very first time!).

After that it’s all about getting the car moving trying cornering changing gears braking and of course stopping safely. All cars used are dual-controlled so there’s no fear of being out of control at any moment. Having had a taste of driving in the Mini it’s then time to move across to the supercar zone…

This is where youngsters will take the skills they learnt on their first drive and apply them to a supercar! It’s quite mad to think little ones as young as 12 years old can actually get to drive a gleaming (and very expensive) supercar but they can. That’s the beauty of being on an off-road driving circuit on private land. No licence issues just great driving fun for your teens.

The line up of supercars available varies according to the venue (see our ‘What’s included’ tab for the full run down of cars) but needless to say all the favourites feature. From fabulous Ferraris and slick Subarus to awesome Astons and amazing Audis the collection of cars is going to blow the kids away. They’ll be utterly excited for sure.

These first drive and supercar experiences are offered at a variety of UK circuits. There are 30 or 60-minute first drive options both of which are combined with a three-mile supercar drive. If you know a youngster that is over the age of 12 who’s mad about motoring this is the perfect combination for them!

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