Mini Young Driver Training

A fabulous mini driving experience just for miniature drivers! Specially put together for children from the age of 12 years old these Mini Cooper driving experiences will give your youngster driver training in either a Mini One or Cooper S convertible. Not bad for a first car eh?!

These driving lessons in a Mini take place at a entirely private facility in Essex. It’s a former airfield at Gosfield not far from Braintree and Halstead. It’s now agricultural land but this Mini driver training organisation has exclusive access to teach teens how to drive Minis on the hard runway that remains. It’s a great place for kids to drive around as there’s loads of space no other road user to get in the way and no neighbours to bother.

The Minis used on these driving lessons are a good choice for youngsters. For a start everyone loves them and they’re not too big and not too small. There are two models to choose from. The Mini One is the classic standard new Mini whilst the Cooper S gives more power more acceleration – and it’s a convertible too. That means if the weather is playing ball it’s drop the top of the Mini Copper time for the duration of the lesson!

The aim of these training sessions in the Coopers and Ones is to teach teens the basic controls of the car braking skills and gear changes. Get those sorted and the mini Mini drivers will be off down the slalom course tackling roundabouts and taking on junctions too.

The brainchild of Steve Darbey these Mini driving lessons offer young boys and girls the chance to learn from a pro in a safe environment. Steve has been involved in the automotive industry and motorsport all his working life and he’s a highly qualified MSA and ARDS racing driver coach and demonstration driver for some big name sports car brands.

As well as choosing between the Mini One and the Mini Cooper S convertible we are also offering the choice between a 30 minute and one hour driving session. In all cases your little ripper driving devils are sure to have a superb time at this very private venue that is only open to voucher-holders and their invited guests. 

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