Nationwide Archery Lesson

Our nationwide archery days have been put together to give you maximum flexibility with the maximum number of archery venues to choose from! We’ve selected archery clubs and centres around the UK to offer archery for beginner adults and teens at a great price.

Archery presents itself as a full Olympic sport but it’s also one of the most inclusive leisure sporting activities out there. It’s a great leveller. Young and old can compete on a level playing field with each other as it’s not a question of physical condition. To be good at archery you need concentration core strength and a certain mental strength too.

Of course not all archers pick up a bow and arrow with the intention of making it to international competition level. But if you do find you’re a natural at it after going on one of these archery days you’ll soon learn it’s all about consistency in this sport. A pro-archer competing might release 1000 arrows a week with the aim of each and every one hitting the target centre.

With these archery vouchers you get around an hour to try your hand at this fun target sport. Traditional archery days take place at outdoor grounds but some clubs have indoor facilities too. Then there’s the bow. There are generally three types: traditional compound and recurve. For these beginner lessons recurve bows are usually favoured as they are fairly light and easy to handle.

The targets you’ll shooting at are just as you’d expect – those instantly recognisably roundel-type ones. As for the distance between you and the circles you’re aiming at? Well it could be between 10 and 70+ metres. For building confidence a shorter distance is obviously best and that’s how you’ll be starting.

All archery day vouchers include a bow and arrows for you along with protective gear such as wrist guards and finger pouches. All the training you need to get you started will be given and all the sessions are supervised so you’re shooting those arrows in safety. Vouchers are available for up to 12 participants making it a great choice for friends and families to enjoy together.

Find out more and book your place today!