Nissan Circuit Drive

It all goes very Land of the Rising Sun on this Nissan GTR driving day with a car that gives the prestige marques a serious run for their money – at less than half the price! That’s not to say the Nissan is cheap it’ll still set you back 75 000 of your finest pounds…

During this day of high speed driving you’ll discover that the GT-R from Nissan is the ‘young buck’ of the supercar world. Actually let’s be blunt about it. Many driving snobs think the car lacks class and style. OK it’s not got the sensuousness of an Italian stallion but despite being less powerful and heavier it is faster on acceleration with 0-60mph in just 2.7seconds. So how does the Nissan do it?

Well there’s the twin turbocharged engine and the carbon ceramic brakes as standard. Then there’s the double clutch (one controlling the even gears and one controlling the odd gears) making gear changes faster smoother and slicker along with the paddle shift. Add to that all wheel drive technology that monitors traction and sends power to all four wheels individually to stop spinning. Then as you’ll discover for yourself on your Nissan GTR driving day the icing on the automotive cake is launch control.

This little onboard gadget is truly ingenious and not the same as featured on other cars as it is intelligent and learns. Every time every day you drive off in the Nissan GTR from a standing start the launch control computer number crunches and calculates the influence of temperature and road conditions on grip to make sure you don’t just apply too much throttle and get the wheels spinning whilst going nowhere fast. It then ‘learns’ from these so by the time the third or fourth start you’ll be heading off like a very controlled tarmac-munching rocket. Nice.

So where can you take your Nissan GTR driving day? We have got seven different circuit venues on offer. All have superb tracks that’ll allow you to experience this impressive acceleration for yourself in the Nissan along with some nice curves and corners to test out that all wheel drive. 

Find out more and book your place today!

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Nissan Circuit Drive
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