Nissan GTR Drive

Drive a Nissan GT-R and discover the real meaning of the word ‘supercar’! This amazingly fast roadster is the replacement for the much-loved Nissan Skyline GTR and when you drive it around the circuit you’ll see why it’s nicknamed ‘Godzilla’.

Just like the Japanese mutant movie monster the Nissan GT-R oozes power. The interior’s luxurious and the terrific design puts the driver fully in control and at the centre of the world. Each engine and transmission is hand built while the head-turning square lines and vents of the bodywork work so well with the cars aggressive personality.

Boasting a 3.8 litre twin turbo V6 engine with six-speed dual clutch the car is a deserved winner of a recent Top Gear Supercar of the Year award. The secret of its awesome acceleration is the clutch that responds to a flick of your fingers on the paddle gear shift. There’s also fully automatic mode you can select which means you can concentrate on where you’re going and not clunking those expensive gears!

With all this power under the bonnet you may be wondering how this latest Nissan handles but being four wheel drive the GT-R doesn’t fail to deliver showing phenomenal grip combined with hefty torque to keep the car stable on the track at high speeds.

There are more electronics than a whole games arcade working to keep you going in the right direction as fast as possible – including traction control which adds to the thrill as you worry less about staying on the track and more about keeping your foot on the gas. But all the technical bits aside this experience is all about you enjoying your four driving laps of this impressive sports car.

The spec on the Nissan is similar to non-production hand made speed machines costing £100 000 plus – in fact the GT-R has been described as the world’s cheapest supercar – but it’s all relative a new one will still set you back well over £60 000. But in essence to find this kind of power and road-holding anywhere else you’d have to spend much more!

The Car:  4 wheel drive 3.8 litre twin turbo V6 480 bhp 193 mph 0-60 in 3.5 seconds.

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