Nissan GTR Nismo Thrill

You’ll be in hot pursuit mode when you drive the Fast and Furious R35! This is your chance to drive a Nissan GT-R Nismo. This the Nismo incarnation of the legendary R35 series that blasted onto the road racing scene in 2007. And in case you’re wondering Nismo is Nissan’s in house motorsport and performance division. Yep the already fast GT-R just got a little faster!

Godzilla as the R35 fandom call it is a formidable motor just as it’s nickname suggests. Straight out of the pristine laboratories of Nissan in Japan the Nismo boffins have certainly worked their magic on this ultra sporting version of the GT-R. Those with a keen eye will immediately spot the upgrades from the outside – the carbon bumpers the lightweight wheels and that enticing red line insert that underlines the body-styling. And just like Brian O’Conner’s R35 from Furious 7 this Nismo is an amazing pearlescent blue chrome colour too.

But it’s under the bonnet of this up-rated car that is the consistent star of the Fast and Furious film franchise where Nismo has made most changes to the GT-R. Lifting twin turbos from the acclaimed GT500 racing car the Nismo GT-R boasts an astonishing 600bhp. A 0-62mph of well-under 3 seconds is totally realistic for this car. We’re seriously not sure how this special edition R35 doesn’t actually take off with acceleration like that.

As we’ve said the GT-R is already an impressive drive so some characteristics of this car didn’t need changing by Nismo and thankfully they haven’t. The high ride position is still there the incredible launch control and the racing styling in the cockpit is all present and correct – and even has lots of funky little Nismo logos dotted around everywhere!

The car is stuffed full of electronic gadgetry with a bewildering array of onboard options and choices. Good luck to you if you need SatNav there must nearly 20 buttons to set up and modify the thing. Even the gearbox has software. We’re sure your average little hatchback doesn’t have anything quite so fancy…

The R35 generation of Nissan GT-R has made it onto the roll-call of motors for those boy racer driving dream movies since 2009’s ‘Fast & Furious’ so it must be something special. And indeed Brian O’Conner always seemed to pretty happy with his R35s so let’s see how you get on driving this absolute beast of a car round a race track on your very own Fast and Furious R35 experience Nismo style!


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