Nissan GTR Thrill

Forget everything you ever knew about Nissan as the maker of millions of forgettable family cars and amaze yourself on our Nissan GT-R Experience! This four wheel drive twin-turbo six cylinder GT-R was first seen as a prototype in 2005 in Tokyo and is a worthy successor to the Skyline GT-Rs of the 80s and 90s – and you’ll love driving it.

Whether you choose to take your GT-R supercar experience during the week or at the weekend is entirely up to you and it’s all about what you fancy doing and when – this flexible voucher ensures maximum choice. You will be driving the GT-R (all 1 740kg of it) for six laps on the tarmac circuit at Seighford five laps at Wigan or three laps of the longer Anglesey track.

Of course there’s a racing instructor present in the car at the same time to help with tips and advice. But one of the fantastic things about the GT-R is that Nissan has engineered all kinds of high tech features to keep you on the road. There’s the complex all-wheel drive system that will keep you glued to the track almost regardless of what you do. Onboard the GTR there’s more software than a space shuttle and the centre console that tells you everything from the G-force to the turbo-charge pressure should you be wanting stats as you drive.

Driving a GT-R is just as epic as you’d expect. It’s all about ridiculous acceleration and that superlative handling thanks to the all wheel drive technology. You’ll be amazed at just how late you can brake into the corners and how quick the take up is on the exit too.

The GT-R is a technological ‘tour de force’ – it’s performance and powerful looks can demolish other supercars worth three times its price of around £60 000. As well as being muscular it’s pretty big and heavy compared to other ultra-fast supercars – just over 15ft long and weighing in at almost two tons. Of course all this adds up to the GTR being a mean machine that’s a serious thrill to drive!

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