North Dorset Clay Shooting

Norman’s North Dorset clay shooting experiences are brilliant fun! On a lovely farm setting in the depths of the Dorset countryside between Sturminster Newton and Shaftesbury you’ll find Norman and his clay pigeon shooting school. It’s a great place to learn to shoot.

We are offering one-hour clay shooting lessons on a private one to one basis for one or two people. Over the years Norman has developed a simple yet highly effective way of coaching newcomers to the sport that gives you loads of confidence. And it’s actually all down to hand and eye coordination.

That’s why the first thing Norman will test is your eye dominance. Once that’s been established you’ll know where you’re supposed to be aiming at. It might sound complicated for a beginner but it’s really not. As Norman says if you can pick up a cup of tea without spilling it then your hand/eye coordination is fine! It’s all about the conviction to believe it.

Once you’ve got all that sussed and worked out the common sense aspects of shotgun safety it’s time to head out to the shooting stands in and amongst the barns of this North Dorset farm. Clays might be coming at your from various angles. They could be crossing left to right crossing right to left driven loopers or even rabbit. Don’t worry these refer to the trajectory of the clay not any actual fluffy animals!

The fact that these North Dorset clay shooting sessions are run as individual lessons make all the difference. With Norman’s undivided attention you’ll get top-notch tutoring throughout your hour of shooting time so you should be successfully smashing a few of those clays out of the sky with ease by the end of your experience.

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