Off Road Rebel Buggies Birmingham

Go drive an off road buggy in Birmingham and find yourself out on the track racing with multiple buggies! This Birmingham Wheels track is the only one in the country where you can race in the impressive 931cc WA Rebel buggy on a purpose-built gravel rally stage. Experience all the thrills of off road racing in a right little Rebel!

Indeed these Walker Adams built Rebels certainly pack a punch. They’re side-by-side racers with Cobra bucket seats full racing harness and apart from the 931cc engine right behind your head nothing else! This is pared-down buggying at its best. There’s a little bit of netting instead of doors and forget any hint of windscreen or roof it’s just a metal roll-cage all round.

What’s more you won’t be out there on your own. As we mentioned this is the only place in the whole of the UK where you can properly race against each other with up to six Rebel buggies out on the track at once. You get a staggered start and the time of the game is to close down and overtake other drivers.

Each driver will be participating in three races and remember it’s not who crosses the finish line first that counts – it’s all down to your individual lap times. These are measured by computer-controlled timing equipment so you’ll be able to track your position throughout the event. Each buggy driver gets a print out of their times for the whole session and the driver with the six fastest laps over the course of their off road buggy session will be crowned Birmingham’s best with prizes for second and third on the podium too.

If you’re coming along to watch you’re in for a real treat. Birmingham Wheels just two miles from the city centre is set on a mound so spectators get great views of the cityscape and the track – especially during floodlit nighttime Rebel buggy races. Whether you’re driving or watching you’ll love these action-packed Rebel buggy events.

We have to say it’s actually pretty rare that you are actively encouraged to race and overtake so these off road buggy experiences in Birmingham definitely get the thumbs up.

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