On Road Classic Sports Car Day

From the glamour of the swinging 60s to the head-turning looks of the extravagant 90s this on road sports car experience has a full fleet of cars from across the decades just waiting for you to drive.

To get the best out of some of the older classic sports cars there’s nothing better than an on-road experience. A lot less brutal than a track day we think handling these cars in ‘real life’ situations is so much more satisfying and authentic in some way. Maybe there’s something about cruising the country lanes and weaving through the town centres that feels like you are proudly showing off your finest vehicles for all to see!

And when it comes to car nostalgia this experience has it in bucket loads. You will be going on the roads around the Home Counties in six different sports cars all of which boast very different qualities and characters. Our highlight has to be the Jaguar E-Type roadster. For purists this model has been deemed the superlative Jag. It’s the straight six 4.2l double overhead cam with those classic E-type lines and multi-spoked wheels. Simply gorgeous.

Then there’s the delicious mix of modern and classic with the Morgan +8. Morgan began making cars in 1910 and remains a family company today. The +8 design dates back to 1968 but when you look at this iconic car it is totally timeless. That long long bonnet and the stunning curves over the front and rear wheel arches are just so Morgan. And as the car continues its long heritage of V8 engines this sports car is as agile and fun on the roads today as it ever was. An experience not to be missed.

Other cars joining you on this very convivial road trip experience may include the very pretty Aston Martin Vanquish the TVR Tuscan (now there’s a sports car you don’t see on the roads every day!) the Lotus Elise Sport and last bit not least a little Italian flavour with the Ferrari 355 GTS. This is the ‘targa’ style version and it’s one of only 2577 ever made. We think this car epitomises all that was bold and brash about the 90s being in production between 1994 and 1999.

After meeting in a north London hotel your full day on road sports car experience will see you and your fellow motoring fans setting off for an on road trip that covers over 150miles in one day in these superb sports cars. The plan for the trip is a treasure hunt searching for clues as you go and swapping drivers too. That means everyone gets the chance to drive each of the six sports cars available on the pre-planned road route.

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