Paddington Bear™ Tour

Hark back to your childhood with a real life Paddington Bear™ tour! If you or anyone you know loves that little bear called Paddington this fun tour to see where this special bear was found and visit the sights of London is a must. 

Paddington is a very polite bear who was discovered by the Brown family at Paddington train station in London. There he was sitting on a battered old suitcase in amongst the mail bags wearing a shapeless hat. He had a luggage label tied round his neck that read: ‘Please look after this bear. Thank you’. Without further ado the Browns obliged and called him Paddington.

This little lost bear had travelled all the way from deepest darkest Peru after his Aunt Lucy went into a home for retired bears in Lima. ‘I came all the way on a lifeboat and ate marmalade. Bears like marmalade.’ he says as Mr Brown takes him to the station buffet for tea and cakes. Here Paddington gets into his first muddle ending up with cream and jam all over him. Mrs Brown reflects: ‘Things may never quite be the same again’ as they all head home in a taxi…

And that is how the simply wonderful Paddington Bear™series of books began back in 1958. These most endearing stories were written by Michael Bond after he spotted a lone teddy bear in a shop near Paddington Station that he then bought as a present for his wife. This Paddington tour brings your favourite bear to life. You’ll delve into Paddington’s London exploits as seen in the books the original TV animation and the films. 

As anyone who loves the stories will know Paddington lives at 32 Windsor Gardens in North London and loves nothing better than to drive a hard bargain with the traders at Portobello Market. He is also a bear with fixed habits taking elevenses every day with Mr Gruber at his antiques shop. You’ll see all these locations and more on this brilliant tour. You might even get to practice your ‘hard stare’ that Aunt Lucy taught him when faced with mean people!

In light of the hugely successful Paddington Bear™ films we think this tour will appeal to Paddington fans both young and old. Whether he’s the loveable bear from your childhood or you’ve just discovered this Peruvian stowaway you will love hearing about his exploits. The Paddington Bear™ tour starts at Paddington Station where there’s a special statue in his honour (and even a shop selling all manner of memorabilia) and ends at Mr Gruber’s Portobello Road shop.

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