Peaky Blinders Tour

Join a Peaky Blinders Tour and see where many of the scenes featuring the infamous Shelby family are filmed! Although set in Birmingham much of the filming for the top BBC2 show centres around Liverpool where there are Victorian buildings galore to recreate that post World War One 1920s era.

Peaky Blinders is fast-paced intense and utterly engrossing. Brilliantly cast (we’re looking at you Cillian Murphy!) it has been praised for that very cinematic style with lots of atmospheric lighting and moody backdrops of the industrial Black Country as it was. These Liverpool locations do a fine job at creating the stomping ground of the Peaky Boys’s gang clad in all their tweed finery.

These guided tours by coach lift the lid on Liverpool’s role in this superlative show. You’ll instantly recognise the likes of the original terraced house family home of the Shelbys and formidable matriarch Aunt Polly’s house too. The ‘Pool also stood in for London when the family expanded their gangster goings on to London so you’ll see plenty of Liverpool locations from series 2 of Peaky Blinders too.

And who ever said crime doesn’t pay can eat their words with the grand country house that shows how the Shelby family has come up in the world by series 3. 

If you’ve been as gripped with the gritty world of heists robberies blackmail illegal betting politics inter-clan violence and illicit romance as we have been we know you’ll love the Peaky Blinders tour. Coaches set off from outside the iconic St George’s Hall in central Liverpool and with a very knowledgeable guide onboard hosting the tours you will learn lots of interesting facts about how this superb drama is filmed.

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